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Acetone AR 500ml
Acetone AR 500ml

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Microscope Slides & Accessories

Enviropore offers a variety of Microscope Accessories, including Microscope Slides, Cover Glass and Micro Slides.  If you are looking for more information on our Microscope Accessories, please call our customer service department at 800.874.6270 and a member of our staff would be happy to help you.  


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 Part #      Product Name   
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 SS9101E   Premiere 9101-E Plain Slide 2bxs 72   Premiere 9101-E Plain Slide 2bxs 72 
 $6.25   Buy Now  
 SS9107   9107 Double Frosted One end   9107 Double Frosted One end 
 $9.50   Buy Now  
 SS500H   Microslide Plain 25mm x75mm 2pk 72   Microslide Plain 25mm x75mm 2pk 72 
 $11.45   Buy Now  
 SS510FRSTDSLIDE      Microslide 25x75x1mm Frosted Side 
 $11.95   Buy Now  
 SS3703P1   1" x 3" Micro Slide Plain 72/bx   1" x 3" Micro Slide Plain 72/bx 
 $3.25 - $3.75   Buy Now  
 SS37032F   1"x3"  Micro Slide Frosted   1"x3" Micro Slide Frosted 
 $7.50   Buy Now  
 SS37032P      1"x3" Micro Slide Plain 2bxs/72 
 $7.25   Buy Now  
 SS18X18 1.5mm#530      18x18 1.5mm Cover Glass #530 
 $4.15 - $4.30   Buy Now  
 SS22X221.5mm#530      22x22 1.5mm Cover Glass / Chase 
 $4.55 - $4.60   Buy Now  
 SS22X30mm   22x30 x 1.5 Cover Glase Chase   22x30 x 1.5 Cover Glase Chase 
 $4.05 - $4.85   Buy Now  
 SS18X18 2mm      18x18 2mm Cover Glass #531 
 $3.55 - $4.85   Buy Now  
 SS18X18PREM   18x18x1 Cover Glass Ounce   18x18x1 Cover Glass Ounce 
 $2.05   Buy Now  
 SS22X401.5      22mm x 40mm #2 Cover Glass 
 $5.85 - $6.85   Buy Now  
 SS22X22PREM   22x22x1.5 22x22 Cover Glass Ounce   22x22x1.5 22x22 Cover Glass Ounce 
 $2.35   Buy Now  
 SS24x50x2   24mm x 50mm #2 Cover Glass   24mm x 50mm #2 Cover Glass 
 $8.60 - $8.65   Buy Now  
 SS24X60#1.5      24mm X 60mm #1.5 Cover Glass 
 $6.85 - $7.85   Buy Now  
 SS2956F      2956F 1 1/2" x 3" Plain Slide 
 $48.00   Buy Now  
 SS2957P      2957P MicroSlide 75mmx51mm 
 $48.65   Buy Now  
 DROPPERBTLAMB   Amber Eye Dropper Btl  1oz   Amber Eye Dropper Btl 1oz 
 $3.25   Buy Now  
 BIOTAPESLIDE      BT0050 Bio Tape Slide100/bx 
 $88.00   Buy Now  
 CENTERTELESC      Centering Telescope 
 $150.00   Buy Now  
 DUSTCOVER      Dust Cover for Microscope / Large 
 $10.00   Buy Now  
 COTTONBLUE      Lacto Phenal 4oz Cotton Blue 
 $42.00   Buy Now  
 LENSCLEANER   Lens Cleaner Tec Spec 8oz   Lens Cleaner Tec Spec 8oz 
 $12.00   Buy Now  
 LENSPAPER   Lenspaper 4"x6" 50/pk   Lenspaper 4"x6" 50/pk 
 $1.45   Buy Now  
 SS505PW      Micro Slide 25mm x 75mm 
 $5.00   Buy Now  
 SLIDEFLDR20      Micro Slide Folder 3x1 for 20 Slides 
 $4.45   Buy Now  
 SLINGPSYCHRO      Model 225 570 A Sling Psychrometer -20 to 120 F 
 $90.00   Buy Now  
 MORTARPESTAL      Mortar & Pestal Lrg 
 $24.00   Buy Now  
 SS2950      Plain Slide 25 x 75 1mm thk #2950 
 $14.65   Buy Now  
 SLIDEHLDR5      Slide Holder 5 Slides 
 $1.55   Buy Now  
 SLIDERITE5/100      SlideRite 5 Mailer 
 $155.00   Buy Now  
 STAGEMICROMETER      Stage Micrometer 1mm Div into 100 Units 0.01 
 $75.00   Buy Now  
 HOTPLATE      Stainless Steel Hot Plate 
 $115.00   Buy Now  
Displaying 1 to 34 (of 34 products) Result Pages:  1 

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